Are you ready for endless clicking on Fakeballs to catch Fakémons? Let's go!

Fakémons are out there! Now you can catch them by clicking on Fakeballs. This is our brand new clicker game. It is an awesome incremental game for everyone, and especially for fans of Pokemon.

Who will be the next honorable king? Who will save the Realm? Myahap it shall be you?!

Play this amazing new clicker game and puzzle it out. Join to endless journey, click and become a master of blacksmithing. Do your best to get higher score, and compete with other pretenders to the throne all around the World.

Accept a challenge! Become the king of smiths!

How far you ready to go? See you in Toyville!

Toyville heroes: Overleap is a game where you need to play for a cute toy characters and jump from one monument to another. But be careful, you need to accurately calculate the jump, otherwise you will fall into the valley of toys. 

So, let's see how far you ready to go?